Saturday, June 30, 2012

Best Way to Store Coffee

Brazen Hazen ships your order the same day we roast.
Freezer, canister, glass jar, fridge? These are just some of the options facing coffee lovers when it comes to storing coffee beans. While many people extol the virtues of storing coffee in the freezer, the truth is, personal preference and timing take precedence.

With stored coffee, air and moisture are the two main culprits that impact flavor loss. An air-tight seal is essential, whether you choose a canister to store your beans, or you store them in the freezer in a zippered plastic bag.

Ideally, you should buy no more than two weeks supply of coffee at a time. Even after two weeks, freshly roasted coffee starts to lose its flavor.  It's absolutely fine to store one week's supply of beans in an air-tight container or canister at room temperature. If you've got more coffee than you'll use in a week, you can put the beans in the freezer, but make sure you protect your beans efficiently, removing all excess air. Some coffee experts recommend adding an extra two layers of plastic wrap to the freezer bag, plus a layer of aluminum foil. Don't refreeze your coffee again, as the flavor will be compromised by dehydration.

Of course the most important consideration is the roast you choose. The fresher the roast, the better the coffee. Here at Brazen Hazen, we ship your order the same day it's roasted, guaranteeing you optimum quality in flavor and freshness. Members of our Fresh Brew Club can rest easy, knowing their next bag of fresh 100-percent Kona coffee is on the way.

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